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Use case

β€” Trying to insert an existing block (of a note) to a template to make it editable (in the new note). Example : when creating a new day note I would like to be able to automate the insertion/pating of the remaining TO DO of the previous day (store under ##TO DO).
β€” User may want to nest templates for different purposes.

Proposed solution

Adding the possibility of permanence to insert using a double !! before the reference : like this !![[{{yesterday##TO DO}}]] to automate the pasting everyday.


Is this already in place ?
I looked at similair messages using different terms, but nothing pop up.

Thanks for your time.


So instead of embedding a block, you’re trying to insert a block’s contents. Are you still trying to link to the block, though?

If so, something like this actually works:
[Text of block](Link to block)

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Thanks for your answer @ryanjamurphy
I already have this trick, very useful, to navigate in the time :
← [[{{yesterday}}]] | [[{{tomorrow}}]] β†’

My best tricks for now is to embed the TO DO of the previous day :
![[{{yesterday}}##TO DO]]


I Trick My Mind, in creating a month TO DO with allow me to gain perspective on this request.

It allow me to set TO DO in different TO DO lists and call them in my daily templates.

Hope it’s gonna help you too.


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