Expand 'copy file path' with format options

As of 0.8.13, we now have the command+hotkey for Copy file path. This command copies the relative file path to the clipboard. If you are using a link format other than relative path, then this is not particularly useful.

I propose the ability to select the link or path format when you run Copy file path. A menu could be used that includes a variety of link formats:

  • (t) Title by itself
  • (s) Short format [[title]]
  • ('r) Relative path [[folder/title]]
  • (a) Absolute path [[c:\folder\title]]
  • (u) Obsidian URL obsidian://vault/vault-name/note title (this is available as of 0.8.15)

In parenthesis, I’ve suggested a hotkey that could be used after the Copy file path hotkey.


Numerous times I’ve thought that we really need a ‘copy absolute filepath’ command/hotkey in Obsidian so 100% agree with this request!

Yeah, full path is very required

Also it will be nice to have “Copy file path”, “Copy full file path” in this menu

There is a community plugin which does the job.