Excluded Files feature - Configure specific UI/UX elements that are Excluded

It would be great if we could configure the different things Files are excluded from because for me I’d like to exclude for example templater templates/scripts from Quick Switcher and Link suggestions and Graph View … but still want to be able to Search the templater JS code I write. So I don’t want the files excluded from Search necessarily.

My proposal would be toggles for each major area that stuff is Excluded from so that you could decide what all you want to exclude from. As a start, a general setting applied to all folder/file/regex entries would be fine.

In a perfect world you could configure either individual folder/regex entry to say what to exclude from.

*Similar Feature Requests I created recently for this Excluded Files feature:


I fully endorse this proposed change. I stopped using the excluded folders feature after a couple of days because of the inability to search everything in my vault. It would be far better if ‘excluded’ files were simply relegated in search results, as elsewhere. Totally excluding notes from searches misses the point of searches, as far as I’m concerned. I appreciate others will probably disagree, which is why we need to be able to express our personal preference.


Love using excluded files as a way to create an “archive” and appreciate that is means these files are de-prioritised in quick open amongst other things. Being able to select what to exclude these files from would make this stronger.

However, would like to still be able to search them at the very least. For now, I’m using the plugin Omnisearch as it still searches excluded files. The Omnisearch experience should be default for search, but that’s another point, haha