Exclude links to headers and blocks in graph

I often want to prune my graph down to just the direct relationships between major topics. The notes I work with overlap and mention one another extensively, to the point that if I show every single link between them I can’t see the forest for the trees. The main themes get masked.

If a topic has only a glancing relationship to another, I link to the header rather than the whole note. Is there a way to “prune” those links out when displaying the graph?

I have a very similar need. I’m modeling a tree structure as a graph. Each note has a single “up” link and 0…n “down” links:


I want to somehow indicate that the “upward” link to be excluded from the graph view, but of course graph just treats it like any other outward link. My workaround is to use the backlinks panel rather than the upward link but the usability of that isn’t what I’d hope for potential users of the resulting vault.

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