Exclude a specific tag from the graph view

Use case or problem

I tag almost every note with a #note-status/<some status> or #note-type/<some type>. That way I can use the pretty nice tag pane to quickly locate notes of a specific status or type while letting them be located in one folder.
In graph view that causes these tags to be really huge nodes because almost every note is connected to it. This also distorts the graph view (not in a bug-type way but because of these many connections to those few tags).

Proposed solution

What I’d like to do is to exclude specific tags from the graph view. I do not want to filter the files, which have those tags (that is already possible by using -tag:#tag) but I just want to exclude those above-mentioned tags from being viewed. So that I don’t see the many connections and the graph view behaves as if those files would not be tagged by those tags.
And it would differ from disabling ALL the tags because I also have some normal topic tags, like #learning or similar that I do want to see in the graph view.

(I spent quite a bit of time searching most of the graph-view related posts but could not find this kind of request. Sorry, if I had missed it anyways.)


+1 for this request.

This feature can help me focus my attention on a specific topic at a time, because sometimes the graph can get overwhelming. There are times when I’d like to exclude certain tags & folders from graph view, since not all of them have the same importance. It also helps to isolate certain topics in order to better understand their connections.

+1 too. I have a templater command in the tag: frontmatter of on of my templates and it leads to every string in the command being counted as a tag. Not really ideal

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+1 for this request

I was about to suggest this lol.
Here’s how I worded it:

-Ability to filter something out, not just filter. For example, when using Google, site:website.com “keyword,” except it would be -keyword as an additional feature. So you could do site:website.com “keyword” and -keyword.

-Ability to filter multiple things at once. Filtering out multiple keywords and filtering multiple keywords. For example, using the Google site search analogy, site:website.com “keyword 1” “keyword 2” -keyword 3 -keyword 4.

+1 for this request

+1, this would be very useful!

+1 for this feature as I also tag all my notes with the name of the vault (in-case I want to merge two vaults), so this tag node is proportionately giant.

This is already possible! Check this post for more information!

Basically, Obsidian does support exclusion of tags and paths. For example, I have a lot of webpages downloaded as .md that I keep for archival purposes. Since these are external sources, I mark them with #external. I don’t want these to appear on my graph view so I can just add “-tag:#external” in the “Search Files” box and it excludes every file with that tag. Cheers :3 Thanks to the OP of the thread I linked.

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Unfortunately, this solution doesn’t quite exactly fit my needs. I may have to turn to a plugin to support this.

To provide clarity on my use-case, I have a single vault where every note created is tagged with the basename of the vault (e.g., if the vault’s name is “Literature”, then every note that resides in this vault has the tag “#literature”).

If I then open the graph view, I would like to view all the notes and their associated tags without the “#literature” tag node being displayed for several reasons: (1) it is disproportionately large in-comparison to the other tags I use in the vault, and (2) it does not provide me any meaningful information at this level of viewing.

When using the not operator on the search term with -tag:#literature, all of the notes tagged with this tag (i.e., my entire vault) do not show. I would prefer to have a “hide” list that would not necessarily filter off the tag but hide the tag itself.

Regardless, I appreciate the reply @disastro, still useful for quickly finding the opposite!


I have exactly the same desire; did you every find a solution to this?

This would be an incredible feature, I’m surprised it’s not already been implemented. For me, it’s that I want all my daily notes to be aggregated in the graph view, but I’m very uncomfortable with an empty file that they backlink to. All the daily notes are tagged, but there are other tags that I do not want to show; I tag all my MOCs with #moc so they can be easily searched, but grouping them in the graph makes no sense. If anyone finds a solution, or they implement it, please let me know <3

I was searching for something similar and found a reddit thread about it.

I don’t know why but I need to remove the second “-” to make it work

-(path:folder (#tag1 OR #tag2))

Where folder is the folder of your files and tag1 and tag2 are the tags you want to hide

I hope that helps you

There is the inverse feature request too and I for one support them both !

Tags should simply be explicitly included or excluded by filter selection.

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Cool! @jimmy6dof One thing that you might want to consider doing is using the little link button on a topic or a reply in order to link to it. It appears you have copied the url, which works for now, but I’m not sure it will get updated if the topic name changes i or r is merged elsewhere.

Another benefit of using the link button is that it lets you embed part of the content in post if you paste the copied link on its own line. And, if you paste it on a line after some text, it will simply show the bane of the topic or reply without showing the url, so it looks a bit nicer.

Anyways, thanks! And welcome!

Using the link button just copies the URL with your username attached, unless you mean something else. Pasting the URL as was done above should work.

EDIT: Oh, it was posted like this: [https://forum.obsidian.md/t/always-show-filtered-tag-in-graph-view/60555](https://forum.obsidian.md/t/always-show-filtered-tag-in-graph-view/60555).

I’ve seen that once or twice before. I’m not sure what causes it. I edited the post to fix it.

EDIT 2: Looks like it happens when you highlight and copy a link from a webpage (or at least a forum page). Right-clicking or long-pressing the link instead will give you an option to copy the URL. @jimmy6dof

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+1 for this request

I often make one long form note tagged #note-making when studying something, and then break that note into atomic notes later. As I make atomic concept notes, I link them inside the original #note-taking note but this leads to a huge node in graph view which messes the organic network. Would love to be able to exclude my #note-making notes and see the organic concept connections much better.

Would it not be easier to simply put all of your files in a “master folder” with the same name as the vault? That way there won’t be a giant node and you can still merge vaults.