Excluding/Including Folders in Graph View

Hi, @romebot.

First of all, this is where the graph filtering happens. Just getting that out of the way:

Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 15.09.15

Now, you’ll need to use some combination of the following:

  • the path: selector
  • the negation (-) operator
  • the OR boolean operator (Obsidian’s search defaults to AND)

So, let’s say you want the graph view to only show your daily notes (stored in a folder called Daily Notes):

path:"Daily Notes"

If, instead, you only want to see notes that are not inside the daily notes folder:

-path:"Daily Notes"

If you want all your daily notes and all your recipes, you can have something like this:

path:"Daily Notes" OR path:"Recipes"

(note that boolean operators must be uppercase)

To exclude subfolders, you can do this:

path:"Recipes" -path:"Spam" -path:"Eggs"

I’ve been focusing on the path selector, but you can combine it with others:

path:"People" -tag:#coworker

Does this help? If you’re still unable to accomplish something, you’ll need to give us some concrete examples.