Excalidraw - Full featured sketching plugin in Obsidian

I’m sure @ zsviczian or others can provide more clarity, but here’s what I understand of it. While Excalidraw is a web app, it’s also a library that can be embedded in other applications. What this means for you is that when you run it as an Obsidian plugin, the core functionality is all running locally. There are still potential calls being made to external sources (e.g., if you want to install new libraries of images or new scripts to use with the excellent Automation Engine this plugin provides, those will require you to be online. But those should not be a concern in your normal day-to-day workflow. I use this on my iPad frequently and have not yet encountered any errors when I’m offline.

Check out these settings. You can always embed an image and have a link under it to edit the file.

Correct. The excalidraw package is 100% local, runs without any access to the network. You are also correct, that if you want to install a script from the script library or a stencil from the stencil library, then network access is required, but once the script or stencil library is installed it will also work offline.

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There is a dependence on Android WebView. There is a longer discussion about the subject here: https://github.com/zsviczian/obsidian-excalidraw-plugin/issues/181

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I will be publishing another video about mind mapping soon. Hope that will help.


Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a way. Excalidraw will soon be able to export image map SVGs, but unfortunately, the way obsidian displays embedded images, those image map links will not work in markdown editor.

I see. I am currently using Obsidian Leaflet plugin and putting invisible markers over the words to make them clickable links. But it is not the most smooth workaround… Would love this feature in excalidraw :slight_smile:

Awesome plugin @zsviczian. I just created an entire presentation using your plugin. As a Thank you, I just signed up as a member on ko-fi.

Keep up the good work

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Hi there,
hi @zsviczian

I‘m probably to tired or stupid…but I don‘t see how I can add an external link (to a website) in a drawing when using the iPad with a pen (no external keyboard).

Can you switch on a light for me?

Thank you so much! This is such an extremely powerful plugin indeed!

I would like to quickly make maps of existing content.

  1. drag a section (via a heading) from an Obsidian note and have it create a Transclusion. if not, i have to make my notes much more granular, but i am trying to map within one note, not across notes.

  2. I would like an object, say a square, to act like a button, where clicking anywhere on the button opens the file.

  3. If i go more atomic note style, which has some benefits, I would like to be able to drag an Obsidian file ONTO a square and make it connected. Right now it just creates a link. I guess i could “group” them.

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Thank you for the plugin and your support!

I want to clarify if it is possible to disable these elements at the bottom in the corners? So that they were not visible in full screen mode (View mode). Thank you very much!


Nice plugin. I’ve been usi g it to test its features.
Seems that i can’t use “jump lines” when one line is above another line, just like draw.io does. But i think this is more related to the excalidraw app than with the plugin correct?

Updated in GitHub

Hi Zsolt I have watched lots of your videos and your enthusiasm and energy for your projects is palpable …I am really enjoying using it and finding out how useful it will be to me. I am using an ipad to do most of my work on and am grateful for all the adaptations you have made for mobile users.
Something I noticed today is that when I access the tools panel and move the panel across the screen it slides open the general tool bar on the left or the back links panel on the right. I can’t access either of these side bars by dragging on the screen and only the left general tool bar by pressing on the three lines top right.
Am I missing something or is this still work in progress.
Many Thanks Simon

Hi Zsolt, thanks for this plugin!

Please tell me when I try to scale a group of objects - they move.
Is there any way to avoid this, am I doing something wrong?

Thanks again for your work!

Thanks, in new the release this problem is fixed!

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Currently trying out excalidraw and so far in love with it.

I do have a lot of existing mind maps I use for studying on my iPad in concepts, I would love to do all my mind maps right now in concepts since the whole interface is more intuitive to me (utilization of apple pen for eraser, already have my whole pen setup etc.)

I think it is easier to implement the possibility of importing svg files and then treat them like excalidraw in obsidian, instead of adding the full apple pen support to excalidraw, but perhaps I am wrong.