Escape doesn't close menus

Steps to reproduce

  1. Activate a context menu, or the file menu of a pane
  2. Hit escape

Expected result

Menu should close

Actual result

Menu remains open


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.11

Additional information

I’m really accustomed to escape closing popup menus in other programs, so this is a bit of an irritation, as I keep having to figure out what part of the UI I can safely click to make the menu go away… after I first hit escape a few times and feel confused. :wink:

ATM I’m hotfixing this by wrapping Menu.prototype.load with a call to register a document-level keydown event handler that looks for escape and hides the menu. (It’s nice that the framework makes this so easy to do!) But an actual fix would probably be better than my monkeypatching.


can you explain how you did that exactly?

I am gonna close this ans keep it as a feature request

Which part, the hotfixing part, or the keydown handler? To hotfix something like that, I have my plugin modify the class during plugin load, and then restore the original version on plugin unload. It’s better if it can be done on instances (like app or workspace) than on classes, because then you can just delete the wrapping function from the instance instead of having to save and restore the original.

As for the method, it’s basically:

    onKeydown(e) {
        if (e.key==="Escape") {

For the hotfixing, it generally looks like this in a plugin onload:

const proto = Someclass.prototype, oldMethod = proto.someMethod;
this.register( () => proto.someMethod = oldMethod );

proto.someMethod = function(...) {
    // possibly call `, ...)` to invoke the original

This is not a terribly robust way of doing it; if I were going to make it compatible with other plugins possibly hotpatching the same method, I would wrap the new method in a function that would switch to calling the original method at exit time. That way, if another plugin hotpatched the same method, it would just end up calling the unpatched version if my plugin were unloaded.

But for the moment, I have very few hotfixes like this and as far as I know no other plugins are doing this sort of thing at the moment.

Sorry, yes– I’m not familiar with this hotfixing method at all… so you’re saying you implemented this as a plugin, or as part of an existing plugin?

Part of one of my own personal plugins, yes. I actually had a more extensive one for a while with a lot of hotfixes for Obsidian’s pane/focus/setActiveLeaf issues, but I’ve been able to ditch most of those hotfixes recently. It still has some stuff to let commands work on panes docked in a sidebar, though, as that’s something that is still an issue in Obsidian core.

@pjeby Would you be willing to share your plugin that overloads this ESC key handling?