Escape Character for Template Variables

Things I have tried

I took a look on forum and I haven’t seen anything like this; this is related to a feature request for Nested Templates. I’ve tried using some of the other common escape characters but I’m not getting the intended effect

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to create a base template and use it to create “child templates”. To that end, I’d like to escape template variables so when I create a Child template, starting for the base template, it populates with the template variables AS template variables.

As a basic example, we might have a “Blank Template”, which in includes a title + YAML frontmatter with template tags for the date, time, and title. When I create the child template from the base template, I’d like to keep those template variables in tact so that the child template continues to {{title}}, {{date}}, and {{time}} in the relevant sections.

My use-case is to create many child templates that include commonly reused groups of “tags” in my YAML frontmatter; for example, many I’m writing a notes relating to concepts in “Redux” — at a minimum these docs will probably be tagged with:

  • javascript
  • React
  • Redux
  • web development
  • frontend_frameworks

and so on. If I’m writing a lot of notes, I’d like to just create a template that includes all of these tags so I can use this as my starting point when I create a Redux note. There are lots of examples of this throughout my notes and so I’d like to create a lot of templates. Because of that I’d like a way to create one template based on another.

Does anyone know if there is an existing solution to implement this pattern? Is there an escape character for Template variables? If not, any thoughts about the implementation for this?

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