<esc> remapping not working in Vimrc plugin

What I’m trying to do

I have <esc> remapped to jj. It works fine in desktop. It’s stopped working in mobile.

Things I have tried

I did a web search to makes sure I had the .obsidian.vimrc in the right place. I checked to make sure mobile and desktop are using the same vault.

Just did a hard reset on iPhone. When I opened Obsidian on restart the vault didn’t load and there was a message in bright red: “You can’t access or create vaults in iCloud because it’s disabled for Obsidian.” WTH?!

If you search that error, there is this: Error: You cannot access or create vaults in iCloud because it’s disabled for Obsidian

Thanks. I’m now back in iCloud.

Any thoughts about why my obsidian.vimrc remappings are not working on iOS when they are working on macOS? Bothe apps are signed in to the same vault.

What I’m trying to do

i use Obsidian in vim mode. I have a few simple key remappings in my .obsidian.viimrc, most importantly of <esc>. Yesterday the key remappings stopped syncing between my iPhone and the desktop app on my MacBook. The two apps are signed in to the same vault. Notes are syncing.

Without the remap of <esc> Obsidian on the iPhone is unusable unless I give up using Obsidian in vim mode, which I am reluctant to do.

Things I have tried

Several threads were suggested here after I entered the topic of my post. All of them seemed to be about loss of files when using iCloud with Windows.

Without the remap of <esc> Obsidian on the iPhone is unusable unless I give up using Obsidian in vim mode, which I am reluctant to do.

Silly me. It is most certainly still useable. Just not in vim mode. And vim mode is still be useable on the desktop version.

You seem to have started a 2nd topic for the same issue. I’ve merged them. I can also add “iCloud” into the topic title.

I’m not sure why it’s happening. But I’ve seen several threads where iCloud can get stuck sometimes. It seems slightly common. If you search “force iCloud” you might find some clues or tips. (But I don’t know.)

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

I just discovered that the problem is limited to the <esc> remap; the others work fine. Also that the situation is the same on mobile and desktop: again, <esc> remap doesn’t work; the others do.

And to be sure the context is clear: iCloud, iOS, and macOS.

Please stop making multiple threads for the same issue. I’ve merged it here, again.

This is not a problem of synchronization. All the other key remappings work. On both the desktop and mobile. Only the <esc> remapping doesn’t work. On both the desktop and mobile.

I don’t know anything. Knowing nothing I want to say, “This is impossible.” Yet it is.

Anyone have thoughts about how it is?

This thread is a confusing mess. I take responsibility for that. Also not clear about your latest actions regarding it: You’ve edited it? You’ve closed it? Whatever. Maybe best to delete it.

The reason I kept reposting about it is that my understanding of the issue kept changing in ways that departed from the original topic.

Perhaps a better solution would have been to keep editing the topic and description of the problem. But I don’t know if that would be permitted.

Yes, I edited the topic to try to state the problem (escape remapping isn’t working), instead of what had been guessed to be the cause (syncing).

I’d rather you don’t close this, and then open a new one, because then all the previous context will be lost.

Since this seemed to happen to mobile first, and then to desktop, maybe this happened in the latest update to Obsidian? Maybe your mobile updated first? So maybe it’s a new bug, and someone who uses Vimrc will reply and say they are experiencing the same thing. (I’m just guessing, I don’t know.) Maybe the developer will see your issue and be able to help too.

Thanks. I appreciate the perspective.

Still haven’t heard anything here about my problem of remapping of the <esc> key. Weird that it’s only the <esc> key. But it would seem I am the only one experiencing the problem.

I have posted about the problem at the vimrc support GitHub repo and the Obsidian sub Reddit. No response there either.

I am using Obsidian. I’d like to have full access to vim mode in doing so. Failure of the <esc> remap prevents that.

I’d appreciate knowing what mapping is being used to change . I’ve used inoremap jj in Vim for years, and can’t make it work on Obsidian on the Mac. All the other key assignments work.

Glad to hear about someone else having the problem. Remap of jj eluded me for quite a while. Then all of a sudden a solution emerged. I don’t remember what made the difference or what led me to whatever did.

What worked for me was imap jj <esc>. I’m not sure it was the particular mapping that was the solution.

As rigmarole suggested, I believe the problem appeared after a new release of Obsidian. Not certain it was the most recent one. I think it was the one before last.

Shit! In replying to TheMadTurk I had to go to desktop Obsidian to check my mapping of jj. In doing so I discovered the problem. Had noting to do with the update of Obsidian. Or anything about Apple environments. It was a frigging stray " at the beginning of the remap! jj remap works fine in macOS and iOS apps. I’m embarrassed.

That may be no help to The MadTurk. Perhaps my remapping will. I hope so. Very frustrating not to have access to <esc>,

Well, everything is working for me. The key (haha) for me was a capital “E” in Esc, as opposed to the standard lowercase.

Always something simple or overlooked.