Error - EBUSY (but it's still saving?)

What I’m trying to do


I’ve been using obsidian for a little bit but just starting to work with sync and plug ins. I keep getting this error when I’m typing - it wouldn’t actually be that bad since it’s not actually failing to save - everything I type is there when I reopen it, but it chains down the side and it’s so irritating to look at.

Things I have tried

I searched and saw things about ending processes in the task manager, but can’t seem to find the right process to end - I tried ending a bunch and ended up just having to restart obsidian - plus no one else seems to have recorded the error where the save isn’t actually failing.

Any advice?


did you manage to solve this issue?

I started having this same error today. Anyone have any solutions? The file saves every time. I shutdown obsidian and started back up. Still happens. Restarted my Windows 11 PC. Still happens. I tried deleting the note and it then happened in a different one.

I think (maybe) I figured out my issue. After redoing my entire vault to try and solve it, installing plugins back in, one at a time, and then still hitting the same problem on the same PC (no others), I turned off my Proton Drive file backup. Haven’t had the message since. I think what was happening is that Proton Drive was trying to backup the file as I was still changing it. I’ll post back if this turns out to be a false hope, but so far, it is working again.

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I use Proton Drive and have this too! Glad to read this post and confirm my suspicions.

I’d love an option to disable warning pop-ups.

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I encounter the same issue. Has anyone reported already to Proton Drive ?

I did, it seems it has been fixed in the protondrive update of last week (1.4.6) , I no longer get the error messages.

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I’ve Proton Drive 1.4.6 and still the same problem. But then I selected my Obsidian Vault and set it to “Always keep on this device” by right clicking on the folder and it seems to solve the problem.

Had a similar problem recently. Disabling ProtonVPN from syncing Obsidian notes solved the issue.

This did it for me!

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the same to mine notes

I still have this issue on MacOS. Obsidian Version 1.5.12. Proton Drive version: v1.3.0.8467

Unfortunately in Finder when I right click the folder, the only Proton related option available is ‘Refresh’ so I can’t amend to ‘Always keep on this device’ (though it seems baffling that option is missing?!)

I just moved the Vault from Google Drive for a different, unrelated sync issue related to prioritising of file syncs, so this is annoying to encounter after swapping to a clean Proton Drive! Any MacOS users find a solution? Thanks

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Having similar issues with storing obsidian vault on proton drive. I thought one issue might be that certain files were stored in the cloud. So I went and downloaded all of them to my local machine. Still getting the same error. I submitted a support ticket to proton drive, and I guess we’ll see how that plays out. FWIW I have, in the last 30 minutes, gone from HUGE fan of proton to “not sure I trust them any more” and that is enranging and also, frankly kind of scary. I place a lot of trust in them and they seem to be $^ing this up.