Ergonomics: Better cursor movement in Obsidian, with hotkeys

I (and at least one other) have been looking for a better movement option in Obsidian than the arrow keys.

There’s vim-mode, which is great, but an option for user-defined hotkeys for common movement patterns like

  • forward (char, word, end of line)
  • back (char, word, end of line)
  • down line, end of page
  • up line, beginning of page
  • avy-like jumping

I’ll write this plugin if no one beats me to it, but I’d like to know if there’s a reason it hasn’t already been done.

I noticed this post about vim commands from a hacky vimrc file, which I’d probably do something similar to.

The hotkeys for those kind of basic cursor movement are inherited from codemirror and are not redefined by Obsidian. They are crafted to follow OS-level standard behavior that most users expect. If you wanna write a plugin to make them customizable, you are welcome to do so.

Start here:

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Note that the link you posted to the Vim commands points to an extremely old hack that dates before Obsidian had a plugin API. Nowadays there is the actual Vimrc Support plugin which can set permanent keybindings for everything you mentioned, with the exception of avy-like jumping.