Enhance how hotkeys works(key chords)

Hotkeys is a core in everyday use for most obsidian users for using both obsidian or community-plugins commands, and the app is getting more and more features and plugins and that’s awesome but binding keys to commands is becoming a mess.
For me i feel that there is’t enough keys to bind to.
Let me rephrase that “There is’t enough convenient keys to bind to”.

Yes using ctrl+key,alt+key, ctrl+shift+key,alt+shift+key gives you lots of combinations to bind to, but I find it cumbersome simply because there is no semantics or any relation i can think of between the command and the hotkey(combination) i’m binding it to
I find myself just bind commands to whatever is available and this makes it hard for me to remember my bindings and therefore i don’t use them.

It would be very convenient to be able to use key chords or whatever you call it.
it’s the ability to use a function key then them 2 keys after like if i want to close all panes instead of just using ctrl+shift+whatever or something like that i can use ctrl + c + a => and it’s in my head “close all”

I use linux and with a small but very cool programs called “sxhkd” it allows me to use key chords for example

  • to open obsidian i use super+o then o and i think of it like open obsidian
  • super+o then z => open zotero
  • super+e + c then b => connect bluetooth
    you get the idea

Using that makes me never run out of keybindings that is easy for my hands to reach and that has semantics therefore it’s easy to memorize and use
And I find myself use that alot in my workflow and it makes me way more productive.


Try Sequence Hotkeys or Hotkeys Chords.


This is amazing thanks alot that’s exactly what i was looking for

I’ve found another cool way to do key chords while using VIM mode using the vimrc-support plugin
Using the space as a leader key and with the help of the special obcommand that the plugin provide you can have access all obsidian available commands

After enabling the vimMode type :obcommand and open the console you get the names of the available commands then you can do something like this in the vimrc file


exmap openGraph obcommand graph:open
nmap og openGraph

This works very nice to people who mainly use vimmode

I do something similar but in a more transparent / simpler way, at least for me.

I set the following in .obsidian.vimrc →
exmap keyseqpalette obcommand obsidian-key-sequence-shortcut:open-key-sequence-palette
nmap <Space> :keyseqpalette

Then I bind all commands “chosen letters sequences” in key-sequencer-shortcuts file. To do so there has to be Key Sequence Shortcut plugin installed. You can then use combination of Space and character sequences as hotkeys.

Moreover, as Space does not work like a leader key in VIM insert mode, I set a shortcut of hitting Space two times to launch Key Sequence Shortcut palette as well. I do this via Doubleshift plugin.