Support for Space <leader> key for setting hotkeys!

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Use case or problem

To set Hotkeys using space key

Proposed solution

Add support for space key for set new hotkeys

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

Space key never conflicts with OS hotkeys and is also used by me in my neovim config, so it would be much more convenient for a lot of people

Example of Key binds

space → leader

leader + h → to split horizontally
leader + v → to split vertically


Maybe this should be generalized to supporting chorded hotkeys, like in VS Code and JetBrains and vim, so that you could add ^w s and ^w v

Actually, this may be considered a Plugin Idea, in which case there already are two. Find these two, plus a user commenting on the “Space ” hotkey as well here: Enhance how hotkeys works(key chords) - #4 by alienm

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