Embedded query to show all content in block underneath header with filter-match

Hi guys,

in my daily working routine, I log every call, meeting, … in Section 2 of an obsidian-project-note, as shown in the following screenshot:

If I work for a long time on one project, lets say over a year, there will be a lot of protocols logged, and I’d like to have the possibility to “dynamically filter” that obsidian-project-note for all protocols / logs I made for example in calls, meetings, … with “Customer 1” and display the result (as table, or as list) at the beginning of the page.

The desired result should somehow look like this:

I first tried to solve that with dataview, but @scholarInTraining explained (here) to me, that the embedded query is the better method to do that.

So I tried the following:

and got as result:

which is not what I want. I just want to see the blocks, which are written underneath a header with “Customer 1” in it.

Do you have a hint for me, how I could achiev that?

Thanks in advance,

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