Embedded images in imported handwritten notes

Hi Obsidian community,

Before moving to obsidian I was a heavy Apples Notes user.
I have hundreds of handwritten notes that have been imported in obsidian in a weird way: there’s a folder with the note’s name (generated in some cases which is even uglier), and an image inside the folder, sometimes multiple images.

What I would like is to be able to see the handwritten part as an embedded image in obsidian but instead I see the image name.

I hope my issue is understandable the way I described it :slight_smile:
I’ve read countless posts on embedded images but I don’t have a solution for my particular issue. Any idea how I can update this across my whole note library (preferably in an automated way)?

Thank you,

You have to put a ! in front of [image to embed it.
As for the automation, I think there’s a plugin for that but I forgot what it’s called as I’ve never used it.

You can search the forum for this, there are multiple posts of ways to do this.

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