Embedded image displays incorrectly

Things I have tried

I’m trying to embed images into a note. Other images embedded the same way work without issue, but now every single image I try to embed just displays as a weird line. I have tried converting the images to a different format, but that does not work. I’ve downloaded new copies of the images and that does not work either. Checking for updates and restarting Obsidian does not resolve. Why won’t my images embed?

What I’m trying to do

I just want my images to display correctly.

Hey! Have you tried switching from editting mode to reading mode?

Yes. Didn’t make a difference.

If you have no problem with plugins or a corrupted image then you can try removing the .obsidian folder (note: this will remove all themes, plugins, and some vault information (not your files though), as .obsidian is the master folder of the vault where different information used by it is saved) in the past I had the same problem and I solved it.

This is a link to my post: Images not showed - #8 by rigmarole

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Looks like it was an issue with a custom theme. Once I set the theme back to default and relaunched Obsidian I can insert the same issue and it displays without issue. Thanks!

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