Embed tweets, youtube videos, etc

Very helpful for quick note taking would be the ability to embed certain web content directly in a note to avoid having to deal with screenshots when linking or having to leave the context of Obsidian when reading later.


This could be a work for several plugins.

Embedding is really good features, and having it as independent plugins would be great.
Embedding could be done for any link (then plugin should get link and it’s title), or have specialized tag for it. $[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=???] or even embed syntax for all external resources should go throught plugins. ![].
Plugins could register some url patterns or they should return no content, and when result will be determined from first plugin to return it.

It of course could be combination of this methods.
Because it is great to have specific youtube plugin, but have some generic oembed one, for all other links will be good as well .

Plugin imo should return some html code that will be rendered in preview mode. Or JSON meta object that will be rendered but i think it will be less flexible.

Markdown actually allows inclusion of HTML code. Up to the Markdown apps to accept that or not.

Yeah in theory you should be able to just paste in the YouTube/twitter/whatever embed code and have it work, but it depends on the renderer

I don’t think that pasting embed code is the best way to do it. Because it leaves you without any ability to format output. Having customizable plugins that can do it for you are preferrable way.
Also youtube link you copy is readable, and usable with any markdown editor, big amount of spaghetti iframes is not so good.

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I agree, ideal would be to embed given just the URL


I would actually prefer liquid-style embeds.

{% twitter https://twitter.com/foo/status/123 %}

This way, I can choose whether or not to make an embed from the link.

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I think using ! for consistency with other embeds would be best - ![](https://twitter.com/foo/status/123) like an image embed


True. Or, use Obsidian’s note embed syntax: ![[twitter_url]]

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Imo it’s probably best to have [[link]] always mean internal or note link, and keep other syntax e.g. [text](link) for external links

YouTube embeds would rock. right now, I use a google keep extension and take notes as i watch the video. Then put it into Obsidian.
OneNote has a feature where you can play inline and take notes.
Great suggestion!


IMO, unfurling with the oEmbed standard should be a core feature. Like the way that Slack displays a card whenever URLs are pasted.

It can be converted from HTML into markdown using a library like Turndown.


+1. This would be really helpful

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I have recently started taking video notes explaining the concepts to compliment my text notes. This feature would help me a lot.

this feature is available already

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@WhiteNoise please can you advise how to use this feature. Many thanks.

Lack of foresight into what should be native features like this will be the downfall of Obsidian if the developers choose to reinvent the wheel at every new release.