Embed tags

i want to embed the #tags into the text itself.
kinda like embedding Urls into the text with the “paste URL” community pug in.

I want to tag all the dates, names, places, Acts, events and such into one umbrella.

  • why:
  1. i don’t want a bunch of tags peppering my notes, making it un-readable.
  2. i want to search under the #date tag and fish up all the dates in the vault, (same for #name , #place , #law , etc… )
  3. i want it functions as the second layer of organization underneath my links which is underneath the Files.


  1. if this doesn’t exist please, PLEASE :pray: make it.
  2. in the meantime, recommend me some app that let’s me do this on top of doing most things that Obsidian can.

I am not quite sure what you would like to achieve - could you elaborate on this a bit? What does it mean for you to “embed” a tag into your text?

TLDR: i wanna colour core my content, but instead of making it look pretty i want it be functional.

long version

the way i have done with the URL. Let’s say i have a dat / year
like 1608.
& I want to mark that as a #date. if I put 1608 #date, that’s all I get 1608 #DATE
it completely messes with the flow of my notes (in view mode) and my entire notes has a lot of elements like this, names, places, events, Acts, Supreme court rulings etc… etc…

and, I NEED to tag them all, because a bunch of Psychos are setting my exam and neet to know as much as possible about everything… EVERYTHING.

so tagging all the nouns, names, places, bla bla bla, it keeps going… would turn my notes into an unreadable mess.

but I need to do that, to be able to quickly fish out all the names, or years, or court rulings, or some obscure group of info, to…

  1. revise, catalogue my strengths and weaknesses,
  2. relate the entire vault with the second level of connections (a metadata link)
  3. most importantly, to keep my ADHD addled Dyslexic brain focused on the content and know what I’m reading.
  4. sure up the portions of my notes that are lacking in info (depth of info) i.e. metadata. which would imply the content in that page is not backed up with enough facts & data.
    … with that info…
    a. i can see which file has the least amount of (metadata links) in one glace/srub_through.
    b. I can verify if that makes sense for that file/topic.
    c. i can refer to the questions relevant to that topic and see if the metadata requirement matches, (buy linking all the possible questions that can be asked from each topic and creating an ideal template & requirement for each type of question → that task is a whole different beast. I’m scared to even talk about it)
    d. if i find it lacking… i can search the closest notes (the ones that are most relevant to the lacking notes) to sure up my notes…
    e. thereby eliminating the knowledge gaps. and improving the quality of my answers. (and maybe my understanding on the topic while I’m at it)
    it sounds complicated while i say it (because i suck at explaining),

basically: i wanna colour core my content, but instead on making it look pretty i want it to be functional.


a.tag[href="#date"] {
    display: none;

TLDR:- where? how?

disclaimer - i can’t code to save my life, I know this not “coding” but…
my skill with “deep” computer interaction stops at writing an obsidian note with links and headings.

if… if… you have the time pls explain it to me like you are explaining it to a literal 3-year-old who only know how to open the PC and watch youtube.

but I completely understand if you don’t have the time. thank you any way, I’ll “try” to figure it out.

Open a text editor, paste the above snippet and save it as hiddentags.css (or whatever file name you want to chose - only the .css is important!). In your vault, there should be a folder .obsidian/snippets - save your file in this folder.

After that, in obsidian, open the app’s settings, navigate to “appearance” and activate your file under “css snippets” (if it doesn’t appear there, chose “reload snippets”).

If you want to hide several tags, paste the above code multiple times in your newly created file and replace the #date with the tags you want to be hidden, for example

a.tag[href="#event"] {
    display: none;
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i’ll try it out out as soon as i wake up, thank you so much.
it seems like it can’t be embedded onto a text, but meh, as long as it shows up in search with the relevant info & forms visible tag links, I’m peach.

No - but you could approach this behavior by establishing a workaround:

Create a note called “date” - and each time you insert a date in any other note, make it a link like this: [[date|2021-03-18]]; now, in your “date” note, you will see all dates in your vault in the backlink pane.


can dated be just, a year, or a month of a year, or day?

i don’t think it’s working…

is it okay to paste the code in a notepad > save it a .css and put it in .onsidian/snippits ?

What is not working?

Well, that’s the procedure I described above - so: yes! But you have to activate your snippet in the obsidian settings after that!

ye i did, i can still see em…
is there a particular way to type the #whatever like <#whatever>
or will it work as soon as i activate the CSS and restart the app?
did that as well

I don’t understand your question.

The snippet will hide the tags in preview mode, not in edit mode (which makes sense, as you would still want to see your source code somewhere…).

If it doesn’t hide your tags even in preview mode, it might possibly conflict with some other css…

  • Which theme and/or custom css are you using?
  • Can you paste the snippet you saved as custom css?

Deactivate “Apply custom css” - this is the old way of using custom styles. You can still use that, but it conflicts with the css snippets - so: either custom css or snippets!

nope that’s not doing anything.
re opened the app as well.
i have a but load of extra plug ins, should i deactivate all of em.

Try deactivating all your plugins - if that changes anything, we can be sure that the snippet conflicts with one of them. If that doesn’t change anything, try deactivating your custom theme and check the result. I don’t think the cybertron theme causes that, but just to be sure…

Tell me if it works!

Just to be sure: in order to hide the “qualifier” tag from your screenshot, the code in the snippet should look like this:

a.tag[href="#qualifier"] {
    display: none;

yup that’s right.