Embed Section of Note without embedding the Header

I want to Embed one section (the content between Header 1 and Header 2) similar to
![[Embedded Note#Header 1]]

with Embedded Note being:

Header 1

  • [ ] This is the Content
  • [ ] This is also Content
  • [ ] More Content

Header 2

This should not be in it

However unlike ![[Embedded Note#Header 1]] I only want the 3 Content lines and NOT “Header 1” to be visible.

I tried using block references but it would only let me select one of the 3 lines at a time.

Is there a way to do this ?

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If you want to hide the heading of every embed, you could probably hide the heading with a CSS snippet.

If you only want to hide embed headings in certain notes, you could add a CSS class to those notes (using the YAML front matter “cssclass” field) and target that with your snippet.

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Thanks CawlinTeffid, your solution works great.

For others that want the code.
I added this in the Note.

cssclass: hide-embedded-header

And made a new css file with

.hide-embedded-header1 .markdown-embed h1{
	display: none; 

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