Editing embedded notes

I want to use obsidian to write out an essay, where each concept is a different note.

I want a note for each essay with the tag #document, and then embed the notes for each concept inside that main essay notes. This will allow me to see in the graph view the essays I’ve written, and see the similar concepts that I’ve previously written.

I have used ![[note name]] to try and achieve this by embedding the notes into the main essay note, but can’t edit the individual notes in the main essay note, I have to go to the individual notes to edit. Is there a way to edit all embedded notes inside the main note?

Any alternative approaches to solve this problem are more than appreciated, new to obsidian.

Thanks in advance

This is one of the hottest topics in the feature requests category:

Currently available workarounds:

Personally, I prefer Hover Editor. When I started using Obsidian, I wanted to edit embeds “in-place” like MAKE.md, so Hover Editor didn’t satisfy me at that time. But as I continued using it, I realized that the Hover Editor’s workflow is indeed pretty neat and I don’t have to stick to the in-place workflow.

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