Editing a Template using Properties UI alters it in a destructive way

Re-opening a previous thread after update to 1.4.12 as it did not sort this one out

in source mode i create a template with a field as such

created: {{date}}

this used to work prior to the introduction of properties and when the template was applied to a new note the creation date would be added.

Now this is what happens

When the template is applied to a new note, it seems to work. The created property is recognised as a date and the creation date is added (second shot)

Then for some unknown reason, the template is altered (4th shot), and the created field is replaced by a different format in source mode and in property mode no longer recognised as a date when applied to a note and fails to show properly (third shot).

After discussion on Discord, it was suggested that working on the template should be done in source mode only.



Ok, I understand now.
Yes, you need to edit templates from source mode right now.

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Will this change in the future?


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Just installed 1.4.12 and I still have the same problem. Really bad. Lost half day yesterday to try to understand.

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