Entries propery field becoming nulled Number2

After updating obsidian to the latest 1.4.12, the issue still persists for me.

Here is how my new fresh template look like:

date: {{date:DD-MM, YYYY}}

Here is how it looks like in live edit mode:

Here is how it looks like inserting it to a new note:

Previous thread:
Entries propery field becoming nulled after update - Bug graveyard - Obsidian Forum

Copy of template:
test.md (32 Bytes)

Copy of note that I inserted the template into.
test1.md (23 Bytes)

I don’t seen anything wrong in those screenshots. What’s the problem?

When you open the template file, is marked in orange because at that point is not valid date. It may not even be proper yaml.

I have never seen the null bit before, I assume its suppose to be there now? If its not a bug then I am sorry for creating the thread.
How would it look like proper yaml tho?
Also if you notice I have it set up as DD-MM-YYYY but obsidian insists on using YYYY-MM-DD so it looks like i created the note in 2012, this all worked fine in the past before the properties update, im not sure how to fix that.

Actually, I think I understand now what your problem is.

Read both of these


Thank you very much I will read up on those, feel free to close this thread, sorry for the trouble.

This too Editing a Template using Properties UI alters it in a destructive way

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