Edit transcluded (embedded) notes (blocks) in place (likely requires WYSWYG first)

Me too. I’ll probably stick it out for this since Logseq lacks WYSIWYG, vim, many plugins, and I’m unsure about outliners in general. But this feature alone is pretty important so I keep my eyes open for others.


+1, because of a better workflow.


+1 as well

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I’m curious about the feasibility of this idea. Does someone with greater technical knowledge of the underlying architecture of Obsidian know for certain a viable path to making this feature possible that doesn’t involve the constantly broken make.md developer’s approach?

It would be great to have a better idea of whether we should wait this out or seek alternative solutions (e.g. gather the community to start developing our own working plugin).

It’s interesting that we have no heard from the Obsidian devs about editing embeds in place. I wonder what their thoughts on this is.


Can’t speak to the technical feasibility, but it is an Obsidian team member who seems to have created this topic and it is tagged valuable which is always a good sign.


I was reading a comment thread today about Obsidian’s chinese competitor, Siyuan:

"Siyuan has some interesting out-of-the box features like “every block has unique ID and can be referenced from anywhere“, “you have some degree of control on nesting and formatting blocks”, and “you can write SQL queries for blocks in notes”

I wonder if that could be of use in conceptualizing the approach for Obsidian.

Siyuan: SiYuan - Privacy-first personal knowledge management system that supports Markdown, block-level ref, and bidirectional links


this feature in Obsidian would be a total game-changer for a bunch of reasons:

Super-Charged Efficiency: Talk about leveling up your note-editing game! Imagine just clicking a link and bam, you’re editing the linked note right there. No more hopping back and forth between notes – that’s a serious time-saver and a productivity booster.

  1. Edit on the Fly: Got a linked note? Need to tweak something real quick? No sweat. This feature lets you make changes right in the heat of the moment, without losing your train of thought. It’s like having superpowers for your notes – you keep everything flowing and relevant without missing a beat.

I would very much like to be able to edit transcluded content in place. My daily workflow would be much improved with this ability :slight_smile:


I too would like this feature implemented, and my workflow would be much improved.


Big +1 on being able to edit transcluded (embedded) notes. Without it, it really hampers the usefulness of transcludes, but it is so crucial. It causes friction and interrupts your workflow whenever you need to edit it.

Does anyone know of any work arounds or plugins?


A plugin to address this is currently in the works. It won’t be long to have this in obsidian.


Big :heavy_plus_sign::one:

If this gets implemented, would Obsidian make it so that if the original block gets accidentally deleted, the linked block will retain the content and not just say, “Unable to find section…”?

Or maybe it would be more helpful if when you delete a block, Obsidian will warn you and give you options what to do about all the linked blocks?


That’s an excellent idea, but I’d rather see the feature get implemented without it than not get implemented at all. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, and all that. :wink:


Completely. The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.
I can’t wait for Boninall to release their plug-in. Maybe they want to implement that mentioned idea down the road.


+1, this is what prompted me to cancel my Sync account and switch back to Noteplan - but I’d rather use Obsidian and would switch back in a heartbeat if this was implemented.


Hi! Is there an update to this plugin you’re referring to?

yeah, this feature is very important


Sure, I could make great use of editable transclusions. I see that this feature request, which enjoys considerable support, is now over three years old. I guess that speaks for itself.


This is obviously technically hard. What I don’t understand is, if it’s so hard, why not hire the best programmers or contract it out in the short term? Ego perhaps?

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Why is this not implemented yet :sob: I spent days looking for that but still haven’t found a reliable solution. TOo bad :disappointed: