Edit filesystem file creation time(timestamp), get the value from Frontmatter (YAML)

What I tried

I just converted my notes from synology note station by using YANOM and get all the creation date to be now.

I know I can use plugin like dataview to sort them as well
since YANOM also convert {ctime} and {mtime} in the Frontmatter like

created: 2022-02-03 17:59:21
title: it's a title
updated: 2022-02-03 18:18:49

But I still wish to sort my notes with the local function255

Posts with the same requests:

This post Native YAML override for filesystem creation time proposed a possible solution which I’m watching.

What I thought

Since it’s possible to change the timestamp by using PowerShell in Windows for example ,

I’m wondering of a program that

  • get key value from YAML Frontmatter in .md
  • modified the md file’s timestamp with the value

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