Easy way to include other file based on current notes filename (date)

What I’m trying to do

I suspect that I may be overthinking or using the wrong vocabulary for my searches, but using daily notes, I want to include a file with some yearly occurring reminder (mostly anniversaries or birthdays), and I can’t find a solution for that.

My daily calendar-files are in Vault/Daily/YYYY/ww/MMDD and the template for daily notes in Calendar/Daily_template.
For certain days I have a file named MMDD in Vault/Calendar/Repeat. These contains a simple .md-file with a simple “list” of yearly recurring events i.e.:

🎉 Alice (1972)
🎉 Bob (1985)

My template currently looks like this:

# {{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}; week {{date:ww}} {{date:dddd}} 

**🗓️  Appointments**

**✅  Todo**
- [ ] 
- [ ] 

**💡 Notes...**

What I’d like to do is for the template to insert the (if it exists) contents of the file i Vault/Calendar/Repeat with the same filename as the daily note itself, at the $putmerehere location.

In PHP-terms I’d express it like this (though this doesn’t check if the file exists, so this would require 366 files, which is also fine in Obsidian if that makes for easier solution):

<?php include '<vault>/Cal_Recurring/' . basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) ?>

Things I have tried

I’ve searched for obsidian and terms like include and embed and looked at:

This include looking at dateview and Templater, but they seem like fairly large solutions, and I wonder if I have led my self down a rabbit hole along the way, or am using the wrong vocabulary, in my searches.

What is the smoothest way to do this?

I’m not using the core template engine, but would the following solve your request?

**🗓️  Appointments**

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