Calendar plug-in template: is it possible to list all the notes from that week?

Things I have tried

Tried to edit and use the weekly template below, but since I’m not planning to use daily notes, and wish to list all the notes from that week (regardless it’s topic), it didn’t work.

Week at a Glance


What I’m trying to do

Hello, all. Total noob here. I downloaded a Calendar plugin and attempted to utilize its weekly review function. I’m not planning to write daily notes here because I have a journal for that.

I wish to create a template or note that automatically lists all the notes I made during that week, but I’m unsure whether it’s possible. If it is, could any of you experts help me figure this out? I’ve been searching but I’m still very confused…

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I use dataview and Templater for this. I have a block in my Daily log that shows files created that day, and also this one that shows last 7 days. You can also do week numbers if you prefer, but I like the last 7 days.

TABLE file.ctime as "Created"
WHERE file.ctime >= (this.file.ctime - dur(7 d))
SORT file.ctime DESC
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If you have the Periodic Notes plugin, you can use its date calculation templates:


(Check if you get the right dates — I might be off by 1.)

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Thank you so much!!! I finally found the answer I wanted.
Bless you.

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Thank you! I’m going to download periodic notes and check this out. It looks like what I wanted to do and it’s simple. Have a wonderful day!

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