Duplicate/Clone Tab

Plz tell. How i can clone active tab? Just clone like click middle button on the same file in file manager to open another tab of the same file. Need addon or keyboard method.

In command palette, “Split right” or “Split down”. The duplicate tab will appear in a new group. As with any command, you can assign them to a hotkey.

I know this method, but it is “Split” tab. Need just duplicate tab. Like right click on tab on firefox and “duplicate tab” method.

And how do they differ besides different wording? When you do the split it’ll show you two open tabs for the same file, and isn’t that what you’re asking for?

They differ in that, in addition to duplication of the tab, the screen is still divided into 2. I can do this. This is useful for another case, but not this time. In this case, I still need a duplicate tab without closing this separation of the second screen.

I miss this feature too.

It would be awesome if drag a tab while pressing alt duplicate it on drop

So the current workaround would be to “Split right”, and drag it back to the current tab group? Since I’m using the mouse to do the split right option, it’s not taking me a whole lot of extra time to then drag it back to current tab group afterwards.

Other than that workaround, I’m guessing you might implement a command to do this if you know some coding, or possible a plugin like Pane relief provide you with some commands making it possible to do from there?

Out of curiosity, what are you using the duplicate tab for?