DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (D&D) or any TTRPG question

No worries! I look forward to the update, thank you for all your hard work. Your tools have made things so much easier for me. :slight_smile:

I actually released this yesterday.

I got the update last night1! Amazing already, thank you so much!

Hello everyone, I am looking into Obsidian to use for TTRPGs as well, as a pure note taker and personal wiki world builder its is already well suited but I had hoped that there would be an easy way to have my players enjoy it as well with any GM notes being hidden of course. Does anyone have good recommendations on how to approach this? Without any kind of user management for handling what notes can be read and which not, handing the vault itself would not be an option, how is it with Obsidian exporting to something else I can give to my players? Can Obsidian export to HTML that I can then host or maybe PDF to hand out?

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@valentine.195 Thank you so much for you great work. I’ve just gotten into Obsidian for DnD and beyond.

I love that there’s an importer from Improved Initiative for you r TTRPG statblocks. Is there a way to get character statblocks or NPC stats - or is it restricted to monsters?

I think they’re classified as “PersistentCharacters” rather than “Creatures”

Is there something weird happening for the spells trait. I’ve followed the guidance and the description under spells is misbehaving (even if you just copy and paste the whole block from the “full example”).

Is this a known bug?

In case people are still looking for this. I maintain a list here: