Drag and drop to create attachment links (without need to preview)

Would be great if there is a way to drag and drop attachments into Obsidian so that links to these files will automatically be created.

There is no need to preview them, so the file format does not matter.


I agree. I was making links to PDFs the other day in a note. I was thinking it would be so nice if I could just drag and drop instead of [PDF Name](file:///Users/…).

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yes, I realized that the drag and drop feature works if you drop it in the file explorer.

But dropping the fies straight to the editor will make the process even faster.

This is really a good suggestion. Mostly I drop some local file into Obsidian just want quick visit it when I read the note.

I think many people who not work on cloud will have a bunch of files like .doc, .xls, .pdf and etc. on local. Usually, I don’t want to copy it in my vault when I take a note about it, I just want to add a local file link to quickly open it by using my default software.

And I think it will be easy to implement, instead of developing an “embedding feature” for each type of file.

Really appreciate it if Obsidian team can consider this.

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This is the only thing that stops me from going all in Obsidian. Drag and drop to create links is a must and links should be created with relative paths

Use case or problem

I would like to be able to insert a link to an external file outside of the vault simply by holding down an appropriate modifier key (e.g. option / alt) and dragging and dropping the file into a note in Obsidian.

The link would preferable be a valid link i.e. any spaces in the path would be replaced by %20, or alternatively, the path would be encapsulated in ‘<’ and ‘>’ if it contains spaces.

I work with a lot of external PDFs which all have spaces as part of their filenames (as the filenames correspond to titles), so the above described automatic sanitization of the path would be helpful.

I’m not proposing changing the current behavior of importing a file into the vault when dragging and dropping the file into a note, but to extend, via modifier keys, the drag-and-drop functionality to also support inserting a link to an external file.


Sorry for bumping my own post, but how does everyone else deal with inserting external links to files with lots of spaces in the path / filename (on a mac)?

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