Options on Drag file by right mouse button into note from Windows File Explorer

This might be also considered a bug report.

(Use case or) Problem:

Drag file by right mouse button from Windows File Explorer into Obsidian results in pasting the content of the file into the note.
Tested with .htm and .txt files in Obsidian v0.10.1 on Windows 7 on Thinkpat X220 tablet laptop with Trackpoint buttons.
When the file has .md extension, then it’s content only shortly flashes on the screen (in the note) and then is replaced by wikilink and copy of dragged file is created in the vault.

Proposed solution / Expected behavior:

  • When dragging any file from folder which belongs to current vault, then Obsidian should recognize it and offer option to link existing file instead of creating it’s copy.
  • On right button release, show context menu with options what to do, including option to insert markdown link to external file, without creating it’s copy within vault. Instead of automatically pasting file-content into current note.

Current workaround (optional)

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