Download Instagram Photos to Attachments, Embed in Daily Page?

Is this the place where I’d let folks know I’d love a plug-in capable of scraping my Instagram feed, downloading the images into an Attachments/Instagram folder, and embedding the resulting images into a Daily Notes Page under a specified heading (like “Photos”)?

If not, I don’t mean to come across as all “Here’s my Santa Claus list, please deliver all gifts to my house by December 25th.”

But if so, please let me know how I can encourage development.

An alternative: if easier, a plug-in that would automagically fetch Instagram URLs and embed those into the relevant daily notes page would also be useful. Thanks!

I don’t know how much you need the plugin and whether you need it for downloads. But I know there is an app that helps you find data from an open and closed account. The program looks through all the data and uploads photos, but you can specify the path yourself. Then you can sort the data. I did the same thing when I wanted to download the data weekly to see how the program works to develop the account. And to get instagram likes, I tried to post a continent every few days. That’s why I wanted to find an app to see the difference between what was and what has become. But it’s not going to be a plugin.