Download Implementable Alias feature using Python

Hi everyone, I’ve made an alias plugin for obsidian using python.
Check it out on:

The purpose is to include in a page a line with #alias=‘myalias’ so everytime you cite that page like [[mypage]] without an alias it rewrites it to [[mypage|myalias]].
It also includes a backup version history function and correction to internal links to the alias ( [[mypage|wrongalias]] => [[[[mypage|myalias]] )
Feel free to check it out, ask anything here or on the github page or develope it if you want.

Let’s make some stuff untill v1.0 comes out :drooling_face: :man_dancing: :man_dancing:


Do you believe aliases will be implemented in v1.0? Can you point me to where you learned that?

@rcorty No no i mean on v1.0 there’ll be a stable API and plugin features will explode i guess. So i assumed there will be some sort of alias but this does not work on top of obsidian. It’s just a python script that changes the content of the md files in the vault.

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