Does this do Any of the following:

  1. quick notes: opens a new instance per virtual desktop that are in addition other open instances? to take fast notes

  2. long outlined notes: has an outline on the side like on widely used google docs? preferably outline in a pop-up like screen via hotkey

  3. auto linking of terms / phrases to notes with exact title? if note has title/name of ABC, then there’s auto linking of ABC to the given note

  4. context based search for relevancy? like what google etc does. there’s still no good info-storing software/app still in 2020 with good search

  5. highly structured expandable/collapsible sections within notes? related to hiding of selective textual info like in airtable

  6. does this have 2 or more editable panes that you can enter text in or not? see Notation theme (dark and light - more customisable)

  7. shareable link to a youtubes in grid-like style? produces a shareable link to a youtubes in grid-like style. like in pinterest only for videos/youtubes

  8. auto-produces a flowchart of certain notes if there are if statements, etc

  9. auto-produces a mindmap / social graph of selective notes

  10. 1 billion other needs i have. a software/app that auto-aggregates those 1 billion needs into a clean list, and any other relevant info from various notes that are all over the place? i dont even know where they are anymore

does anything you know of anything any options that does any of these?

or anything else that is helpful?

  1. What is a “virtual desktop?” What are “other instances?” Do you mean Vaults—as in a repository of .md notes?
    If I understand this use case, there isn’t a global Quick Open feature (yet, although it’s a good idea, feel free to post in #feature-requests) but I created a macro to do this if you’re on macOS and have access to Alfred or Keyboard Maestro: Quick actions in Obsidian from anywhere using Alfred on macOS)

  2. Yes, see the Outline plugin in Preferences → Plugin.

  3. Yes, see Unlinked Mentions in any given note’s Backlinks pane.

  4. What does “context-based” mean? Obsidian has powerful search features with RegEx, but it does not offer a “Related Notes” plugin (yet). It’s a good idea though!

  5. You can fold bullets and headings in Edit mode; there’s no such feature when Previewing a note yet, but this’ll hopefully be the case when Obsidian gets a WYSIWYG mode.

  6. Yes, you can open as many editable panes as you’d like.

  7. What is a “grid-like style?” You can write custom HTML if you’d like, and you can embed most YouTube videos via iframes (e.g., copy and paste from Share → Embed feature on YouTube).

  8. Obsidian supports Mermaid, which offers something like this. See for more.

  9. Yep, see the Graph View (and look forward to 0.8.3 for a more fluid experience with related notes).

  10. I don’t know if any app will ever be able to do this. :upside_down_face:
    Maybe wait for Neuralink? (only half-kidding!)

Also, note: it’s easier to answer (and for other users to find!) your questions if you separate questions out into atomic threads. Just like notes, forum threads are often better if they’re more atomic.

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Also also (sorry for the triple-reply): check out the help docs by clicking the “?” icon in the bottom-left of Obsidian. They’re very well written (:tophat::arrow_heading_down: @mediapathic) and contain answers to at least some of these questions.

Can’t resist responding: did you know that you can edit your previous post instead of creating multiple replies? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: