Do your images display on a windows redirected system?

So I have already posted a bit about this in another post, but now that I have looked at it a bit more I think I need to re-ask for help with the new more informative title above.

I am working on a Windows 10 system where all of our “My Documents” are redirected to network storage by our IT department.

When I copy an image into a vault file, the image is copied to my vault as expected (in my test vault I don’t have it set to go to an assets folder) and if I use Windows explorer, I can see the image no problem.

In my case the image is at:

\\\redirects\f\frostd\My Documents\DenTestObsidianVault\pic01.jpg

Problem is that Obsidian does not show the image when I am in preview mode. It shows a placeholder with the broken image icon.

While testing I created a test vault in my root where I know files are not redirected and it works fine there. I used a html image link as follows:

<img src="C:\adentemp\pic01.jpg" width="500" height="600">

However this:

<img src="\\\redirects\f\frostd\My Documents\DenTestObsidianVault\pic01.jpg" width="500" height="600">

Does not work.

Does anyone else who is working on a windows machine where redirection is in place have this problem?

Oh, I have tried this both when I am offline and online (connected by VPN and when I am in the office). Same problem in both cases.

It was working a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I did not notice exactly when it stopped working because most of my vault files are just plain markdown with no text.

Another thing, all my other applications have no problems opening or editing these same images stored in the same redirected folders.

Ideas? Have I found a bug or is there something crazy going on on my work laptop?
I can’t believe I am the only Obsidian user in a corporate environment where things are redirected to make management/backups easier.

It is starting to become problematic.
I am using Obsidian on android to quickly view lab setups that include pictures which is great when I am wondering about the labs, but when I need to edit and add photos etc, it is much easier to do on a desktop machine, but now I cant do it - well I can, but I just can’t see the images. As soon as I sync it to my Android device - bam - there they are!

does it still happen in 0.14.2?

@WhiteNoise, you’re awesome! I don’t know how I missed that there was an upgrade, but sure enough, I upgraded and it worked right away. Thank goodness. It was starting to drive me crazy.
While I have been trying to get this working I installed Dataview and the Minimal theme and am loving Obsidian even more now.

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