Displaying Linked Notes Inline. (Block referencing alternative)

Would it be possible to display linked notes inline? It would kinda be a middle ground between current obsidian and people who desperately want block referencing.

If our notes can be displayed inline with maybe a toggle/fold button we would be able to access information Of all linked files in 1 note. It has many practical purpose.

Eg. I’m currently doing some research into ACL reconstruction, and in that note I have about about 20 links related to It, from ACL structures, ACL rehab, Pre op, etc.

It’s 1 click away to access these information, but when I need to see 3 of them together, I need to open 3 additional notes to view the information as I type out my research on the 4th window. It’s a game of closing and opening windows over and over again to access a specific information.

Being able to fold other markdown files into a current note would be a game changer as I can simply scroll up and down.

I have not used obsidian for my team yet, as we have other data and knowledge base software. But this + local data storage would make obsidian a prime Choice.


Maybe I’m stating the obvious here, but you can already embed notes (even sections under headings) with ![[My note]] and ![[My note#Heading]]. That, of course, is not visible in edit mode, misses a button for folding, and you cannot directly write in it.


If you backlink to the original note again you would be able to easily switch

Note A
[[Note B]]or [[Note B#Header]]

Note B
[[Note A]]or [[Note A#Header]]