Display internal links in a popup/modal window

I would like to be able to hide small entries under links. At the moment, if I have a record and I post it as a link, then when I click on it - I will be redirected to this record. You can also hover over the link and see the preview, but you can’t interact (copy the content if it’s not code) with it.

There is a plugin Hover Editor, but it only works with “ctrl”. Clicking on the link also takes you to another entry.

I would like to be able to create links that open in a modal (PopUp) window without pressing “Ctrl”.

Here is a demonstration of how it works

Unrelated: how were you able to ignore the template when creating this feature request? There is supposed to be a template that appears when a new topic is created in #feature-requests, but it seems like it is being ignored by everyone.

(Copying and pasting this across multiple threads to try and get some insight into the problem.)

I completely understood what you meant. I am not a native English speaker, so I use a translator. Is there anything I need to do? If so, please rephrase.

Alas, I cannot edit my post. If it helps with the problem, I will make a comment as recommended.

Use case or problem

At the moment, clicking on the internal link takes us to the entry. This becomes inconvenient if the information in the post is small in size. It is also inconvenient to implement a return to the main entry after reading the secondary entry.

Proposed solution

The use case is to open the contents of the record in a modal window when you click on the internal link. Entries that have a small appearance, but due to the special form of presentation of the information can break the layout. This applies to: snippets of code, tables and images. This way of presenting information can also be used as an explanatory note from the author.
I made a video animation for the example. I propose to implement the display like this: VIDEO

Current workaround

At the moment there is no solution. I asked the question in the next thread How to display internal links in a popup/modal window? . The plugin solution does not suit me. I want it to be the clicking on the link that opens the modal window. Hovering over the link is not a user friendly solution. Also, the plugin opens the entry in a small window. It is inconvenient to enlarge the window every time. And also there is no way to close the window when you click on the main entry. I mean, I would like to be able to close the modal window when you click not only on the “cross”, but also on the darkened area.

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have I greatly exaggerated this forum? There is no probability that this will be implemented?

It’s possible, but there are over 3600 feature request and you are the first asking this…

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