Dismiss Specific Unlinked Mentions

I like to clear out the unlinked mentions to various pages, especially pages about people. The problem is, I don’t want to link every unlinked mention. Not every instance of “dad” is a reference to my father, for instance, and I don’t particularly like to have links in my headings.

It’s annoying to see ~5-6 unlinked mentions on a given page and have to ask myself “oh, are those just the ones that are always there because I don’t want to link them, or are there new mentions I have yet to review mixed in there?”

Proposed solution

I’ve seen various requests that certain kinds of text (text in URLS/tags, etc) be excluded from Unlinked Mentions wholesale and automatically. I’d propose a case-by-case solution: each unlnked mention has the option to “link” or “dismiss,” where dismissed links are moved to some sort of separate section to make them visual distinct from unlinked mentions that have not yet been reviewed.

Related feature requests (optional)


Chiming in to say I’d also love some way of handling the problem of too many unrelated unlinked mentions.

I use unlinked mentions a lot. I prefer to leave mentions unlinked when it comes from external sources, i.e. material that I have not written myself. I also like it that they do not have the square brackets around then, making them more readable than the linked mentions. I wish to support this feature request for more control over the unlinked mentions and I think the proposed solution is a good one.

Moved to plugin ideas. This is unlikely to happen in core.

It’s a lot of work, it’s fragile to changes in files, it’s non portable as this ignore list should be maintained in database beyond the files.

I don’t think obsidian, which is based on text files, is suitable for this. Maybe a block based app could do it better, but it would still be complicated.


@WhiteNoise Thanks for the explanation. I suspected it might be tricky to implement!