Disable backlinks and outgoing links tabs from opening on startup?

What I’m trying to do

On startup, the ride sidebar is automatically populated with the tabs for the backlinks and outgoing links of the actively selected note. I have been using the ride sidebar to hold notes that I use regularly for reference. I keep them here because there is a shortcut to toggle/show and hide the right sidebar, so I can hide the notes in the right sidebar when I don’t need to reference them. However, whenever I restart Obsidian, the right sidebar is populated with the backlinks and outgoing links tabs along with the notes I place in the right sidebar. I don’t use these links tabs so I would like to disable this automatic process.

Things I have tried

I’ve searched the forum and interacted with several settings to achieve this, but have yet to find a solution. I have also explored the ability to use Obsidian’s tabs functionality to replicate this without the sidebar. I am wondering if there is a simple solution I have missed that doesn’t require any plugins.

If you don’t use them at all, you could disable them under Settings > Core Plugins.

Another option is moving them to a different tab group and more(?) out of your way.

It sounds like you maybe have some conflicted workspace settings in your Vault/.obsidian folder. Do you use a cloud syncing tool?

If you get conflicted copies of those files, the settings might not save properly, and then when you restart Obsidian, your layout is reset to the previous settings.

If you fix that, Obsidian should remember your sidebar settings just fine. (Or it might be a different problem. But it is supposed to work.)

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