Directed Links: add syntax for specifying the direction of a link

Having a markdown syntax to indicate if the [[Link to another Note]] is Outgoing or Incoming would be a great addition.

Use case or problem

In my Note 1 I can use the syntax [[Note 2]] to create an Outgoing link, which I can then view in Note 1’s local graph view. The Incoming links to my Note 1 are links I wrote down in Note 3.
But I would like to have the option to write in Incoming links as I write my Note 1, so the Local Graph can accurately reflect the logical content of my note. I work on cultural transfers and those are best visualised as directed links, but in the context of writing, I would rather not have to go and open Note 3 and create an Outgoing link [[Note 1]] for it to appear as an Incoming link in Note 1’s Local Graph. It also disables the possibility to go freely back and forth between notes since I am then not creating links within the text of Note 1 and relying on its Linked Mentions panel.


A Book

[[John Doe]] wrote A Book in 1780, which then inspired [[A Poem]] by [[Jane Smith]]. A Book itself was inspired by [[A Painting]] by [[This Painter]].

All [[Links]] are Outgoing, and will appear as such in the Local Graph. It would be better if [[A Painting]] and [[This Painter]] were Incoming links.

Proposed solution

A Markdown syntax that modifies the nature of the link or link type, like [[>This is Incoming]] but [[This is Outgoing]]

Current workaround (optional)

The only workaround is going back to the notes I wrote and changing [[Links]] into Links so they don’t appear as Outgoing, all the while opening the other Note in a tab to create an [[Outgoing Link]]. Example:

A Book

[[John Doe]] wrote A Book in 1780, which then inspired [[A Poem]] by [[Jane Smith]]. A Book itself was inspired by A Painting by This Painter.
Linked Mentions 1
[[A Painting]]

A Painting

[[This Painter]] created A Painting in 1678. A century later, it inspired [[John Doe]] to write [[A Book]].

I recognise that part of the problem would not have been a problem if I had taken that habit right away, but besides that I do regret 1)having to delete links for this and not having wiki-like Links in all my notes anymore, 2) having to think twice about whether or not I should insert a Link, which makes note-taking more difficult.

Related feature requests (optional)

Add support for link types is a wider-ranged request

Renamed and moved to plugin ideas.

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