Dictionary - where is it?

What I’m trying to do

Im trying to remove mistaken words that have been added to a dictionary. I cannot locate the file to do this. It isnt the ‘main’ dictionary that is in .obsidian/app.json, as (in mine) that only has a few words added. Maybe the Language Tool plugin has another dictionary it is adding words to. I mistakenly added words that are actually spelling errors and I need to remove them.

Things I have tried

I looked in .obsidian/app.json. The words are not listed.
I looked in the Language Tool plugin folder, looked at the json files, nothing.

Are there any other locations where another dictionary is located?

example of what I mean



What’s your OS?

On macOS the current file used is /Users/USER/Library/Spelling/LocalDictionary

I imagine Windows & Linux have a similar file kicking around somewhere.

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Thanks a lot. Yes youre right! I run Obsidian on Mac and PC at home (I synch with SyncThing locally).

The file I needed to edit was on the PC - Its a text file, located in:

The local Obsidian spelling file has a few words but not as many. Im not sure which one Obsidian spelling uses - why would it have the local one in app.json? Weird.

Anyway, thanks!!

I think it’s just leftover cruft.

~/Library/Application Support/obsidian/Custom Dictionary.txt used to be the file macOS used. …and something else before that?

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I also have a question regarding the dictionary. Today I decided to create a fresh install of Obsidian since I have not updated in a long while (I also do not use sync).

When testing out the new features, I noticed that spellcheck contained custom words that I had created in the previous version, even though I removed the older files.

Does Obsidian somehow keep my custom words or upload them somewhere?

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Here is a screenshot of when I check the gear on the spellcheck plugin.

Mmm. Im not running the Spellcheck plugin (its not listed as core either). These comments refer to what I think is Obsidian core functionality of spellcheck.

In terms of what I have seen - there are two dictionary files in every instance of obsidian.
The (synced) dictionary terms list is found in .obsidian/app.json

The other is a local user file.
On PC this is located at C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Spelling\en-GB\default.dic
On Mac, this is located at /Users/USER/Library/Spelling/LocalDictionary

As far as I can tell (by looking!) these are NOT synced, certainly in my local Syncthing set up. Everything else that needs to sync is synced, so this is only a local file.

Hope this helps. I think if youre running another spelling plugin then you may have another file somewhere ibn the plugin folder.

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