Diagramming support

I’d like to create diagrams that render in my notes. I believe this can be done through custom embedded attachment renderers.

The diagramming tool I’ve had the most success with is graphiz’s dot language, and have enjoyed this VS Code extension that allows for graphviz content to be defined and rendered inline in a Markdown document.


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No, Mermaid only works inside a note. To export a dot file for all the notes, I follow these steps:

  1. Install the plugin Juggl
  2. Export the data to Cytoscape. Your data will be located in .obsidian/plugins\juggl\ with the name graph.json.
  3. Import that file into Cytoscape. In Cytoscape install the plugin dot-app
  4. Navigate to File→Export->Export to File…, then select the .dot format
  5. Profit!
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I just write a plugin to export Graphviz files from your notes here. Perhaps it will solve your needs