Design talk about the Graph View

Human vision process form, size, and color. The graph is only using two of these. I think that forms could enrich the graph a lot.
That way, you can define types and differentiate between them, like you can differentiate between a tree and a house, even if both are green and the same size.

P.S. Sorry if I duplicate someone else’s suggestion, this is my first post, and I have not explored this forum yet.

Option to add Obsidian graphs to a canvas

I’d love to be able to add filtered Obsidian graphs to my canvases.

Possible solution: There could be another option at the bottom of the canvas to add an Obsidian graph. When you choose the option, you are shown a search field to filter the graph; if you leave it empty, you are shown the global graph.

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Page-Relative Local-Graph Filtering

Right now, you can only filter the local graph globally – the filter applies to all pages.
I’d find it useful if there was an option to also filter the local graph for individual pages separately such that, when I visit different pages, different filters are automatically applied.

How this could work
On a page, in the local graph menu, there is an option to add a local search field underneath the global search field. The local search field overrides the global one – while the local field is active, the global one is disabled for that page. Every time you visit the page, the local filter is automatically applied.

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Cool idea! Maybe if there were presets that could be saved and made available to load in other notes. It kind of makes me think of this request: Convert graph filters/settings to query. I definitely like the idea of it remembering these different sets of values that were set with such care for various purposes.


Colored search results

The graph color groups essentially color search results, but the output is only shown on the graph. As an option, the graph color groups could also color the main search results (in the left side-menu).

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Graph quick search/filtering

Pressing Ctrl + F on a page allows you to search within the page. Similarly (and intuitively), pressing Ctrl + F on the graph could open a search box that allows you to search within the graph.

Unlike the page search, the graph search box could have options:


  • This could work similarly to searching within a page, where you can cycle between results or choose to highlight all of them.
  • There could be options to control the style of the highlighting; for instance, one option could be to show the highlighted nodes normally and the rest of the nodes faded out.

Quick Filtering

  • This could filter the graph.
  • There could be 2 options: filtering based on page content (similarly to typing in the graph search field), or filtering based only on page titles (filter-as-you-type).
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Some of the function has
3D Graph Plugin
created by @yomaru GitHub

10:00 Structure orientation