Deleting an image within a obsidian file


I dragged and dropped this image from the photo app into an obsidian file.

Now I want to delete this picture again. This does not succeed at all.

I can’t find a function anywhere to delete the individual image object. In the context menu, there is only one deletion function for the entire Obsidian file. However, this would be counterproductive, since all contents of the Obsidian file would have disappeared.

Who can give me a solution tip?

Thanks so much

Go to source view, find the file name of the image. Locate that file in the ile explorer, right click and select delete.

And then remove image link from document, so you don’t have a dangling link to this image.

You don’t have to go to source view or do any manual searching. Just move your cursor into the image, and you’ll see the file in the link. Right-click on the name of the file in the link, and you’ll get a context menu.

  • You can “Open link” and it will open the image in a pane. You can delete from the menu there.
  • You can “Reveal file in navigation” which will show the file in your sidebar File Explorer pane. You can delete from there.
  • You can “Show in system explorer”, which will open your computer’s file system. You can delete from there.
  • You can just delete the link and leave the image in your vault. Then, there are community plugins which can detect and find unused attachments, and remove them. Discussion here: Remove unused attachments

(EDIT: Your screenshot looks like maybe mobile? I don’t know how relevant any of those ideas are in mobile, but I assume there are similar commands.)

@holroy You might be interested in this relevant feature request: Right click menu option to delete link and file


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I use shortcuts to quickly open the image, delete the current file/image, then navigate back.

Hi Rigmarole,
thanks for this very useful explanation.

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