Delete File without entering it

Things I have tried

Hi I want to be able to delete a file without entering it and only deleting the link.

It would be easier to delete images that way.

Any ideas?

Do you mean to go to the file list, right click and choose delete?

And that link is not an image, so if it’s just a link to not-created file, you can just remove the link. On the flip side, if you delete a file, it’s not given that links to that file is removed (if I’m not mistaken).

Or are you on mobile edition, so it’s not that easy to right-click?

In short, we might need a little more information on what you’re actually trying to do, and which platform you’re on, and what you’ve tried doing.

I’m on a Macbook pro. I’m talking about files that are created already. I know that if it’s not created you can just delete the link and it doesn’t matter because there’s nothing connected to it anyway. I want to delete the link and delete the file as well. Maybe it’s not possible but I just don’t like having to go into the page to delete it. I also don’t like locating it in the folders to delete it because it takes a second to do it. It would be nice if I could just right-click on the link to delete the link and the file.


@amaccoop I agree! See this feature request: Right click menu option to delete link and file



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