Delete attachments during synchronization

After about 6 weeks, it happened to me again that some attachments (this time .png images) were deleted during synchronization (Obsidian sync). At the first occurrence, it was a .pdf document. I use Obsidian on 4 devices and the deletion of images occurred when I turned on Obsidian on a laptop (Win 10) after about a week. I first found out the missing attachments on Android.

Steps to reproduce

Obsidian Sync After Weekly Startup on Windows 10

Expected result

Flawless synchronization

Actual result

Deletion of some attachments


  • Operating system: 2x Windows 10, 1x Chromebook (Obsidian Linux version), 1x Android
  • Obsidian version: Windows (0.12.12), Chromebook (0.12.12), Android (1.0.3)

Additional information

I have these plugins installed:

  • Calendar
  • Mind Map
  • Outliner
  • Sliding Panes
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This bug report is too vouge to be actionable. Is it possible that you deleted this file, forgot about it and the deletion was propagated once you synced the device?

What exactly is the name of the file?
Can you attach the sync logs of the file what was deleted in the computers involved?
Sync>Delete Files>Files deleted
Can you attach the sync logs of the computers involved?
Sync>Sync Activity

Also, we don’t officially support chromebooks.

It is not possible for me to delete these files. There was no reason. I just ran Obsidian on another of my devices.

The names of file are:

Unfortunately, the files are not listed between deleted files, I don’t understand that. They just disappeared.

It happened yesterday, so I can’t find it in the Sync log anymore.

I’ll try not to use Obsidian for Linux on a Chromebook, just the Android version that can also be installed on a Chromebook.

Thank you very much for your quick support!

Please check on your computers for these files. It’s quite odd that they don’t exist in sync logs. Also do you have sync images enabled?

I can see only today’s sync logs. Where can I find later sync logs? Sync images (and all other files) has been enabled since I use Obsidian sync.

The deleted files should appear when you go Sync>Delete Files unless these files where never synced.

Between deleted files I can see files I deleted manually. These files which disappeared during synchronization are not there. I understand that it is difficult to explain all the circumstances and reveal the real cause…

I wondered if it could be caused by an “old” mobile application. At the time of deleting the attachments, I still had it installed on Android on my mobile phone (apk, as an insider). Now I’ve reinstalled it on the current app from Google Play.

I got the same bug today. I open a note with picture link, and that link was broken. Then I looked at attachement folder - and this folder was empty :rage:

I open my another laptop, turn off Wi-Fi, then open Obsidian and look at attachements - they were there. Make backup and turn on Wi-Fi: during the Sync all attachements were removed!

And there’re no these files in Sync/Deleted files. Thank God I have another laptop where Sync didn’t yet remove attachements - it’s a lot of work!

This is a very very bad bug. Paid Obsidian Sync is unusable with it!

What you describe doesn’t necessarily sound like a sync problem. Maybe the files were deleted in your first laptop by obsidian or some other external process and sync was just doing its job of propagating the changes.

Do you have other processes operating on your vault?
With the file recovery plugin, can you see when those files were deleted?

Do you have other processes operating on your vault?

No. Only Obsidian accesses vault.

With the file recovery plugin, can you see when those files were deleted?

Recovery plugin only for md files? Attachments folder contains pictures and other binary files.

But I found that some .md-files were deleted too. I recovered them from old Git repo (before I used Git for sync). And this files also absent in Recovery files. These files were in folder days which I then renamed to Days (case). And I didn’t notice that files were lost after folder renaming: only due to Git I found it.

Where can I find Sync logs for all time? In Obsidian there’re only current session logs.

Please don’t write in multiple threads. I can’t follow you.
File recovery is a snapshot for markdown files.
Sync currently keeps logs only for the current session. We will add a permanent log in the future.
In Sync logs, deleted is used both when files are deleted and when files are renamed.