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Regarding this: Trello

Is the default theme getting replaced by Minimal Theme? Or is @kepano simply giving a face-lift to the existing default theme? Is there any further info available re specific changes?

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Kepano is redoing the default theme. It’s not the same as the minimal theme.

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The new default theme will be separate from Minimal, not much further info we can give right now other than this quote from kepano:

The new theme is a rewrite of the default theme, it’s not a port of Minimal.

I am also aiming to help developers by reducing specificity in places and introducing a large number of new CSS variables. This should help both the default and custom themes reduce the number of lines of code.

The new theme will follow many of the same design principles as Minimal, particularly in making Obsidian feel native across platforms. It will differ in that it will prioritize accessibility and affordances more than Minimal does.

I expect most themes, especially more advanced ones to require some work. We’ll make sure there is plenty of time for theme developers to make those compatibility changes before the release is public.

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