Default Theme Enjoyers Thread - 1.x Edition

Starting a new thread for the 1.x+ Obsidian Theme, which came with many changes, and imo vastly improved the look and feel of Obsidian out-of-the-box. The last thread I made was before 1.0.

To be fair, I do use some CSS Snippets to change or improve to taste the Default Theme. But nothing major, so this thread is for those who want to chime in on how comfy the default theme is.

Cheers, and Happy New Year.


Yup, I totally agree. I love the default theme. I’ve also used CSS snippets as you describe (to adapt some of the colors and add a couple custom checkboxes). And, in the end, that’s exactly what I want from a default—reasonable and easy to tweak.

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Yeah, the new theme is good, and a big improvement. (Tho the prior default, despite various problems, was still better than most themes I tried.)

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Deafault Theme Enjoyer here, glad to see I’m not alone in my thematic choices. I made the bold transition from using Dark Mode + #FF0069 in 2022 to Dark Mode + #80FF00 for 2023. The layout is simple and free from clutter which is exactly what I need it to be. Any more and I think I’d get overwhelmed or bogged down focusing on the aesthetics of the space.

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