Day names

What I’m trying to do

I’m new to Obsidian, and new to markdown.

I’m using {{Date: YYYY-MM-DD }} to date stamp my Daily Notes when they are created, but I really want to also add the day name, and changing MM to the Month name would work better with my head.

So I’m looking for something that would output 2021-Jun-18 Friday.

While really simple, it just doesn’t seem to be anywhere I’ve looked.

Any help would be appreciated, as would being pointed to a repository where I can find all of this type of Obsidian used MD language.


Here are some examples. Hope this helps.

  • {{Date: YY-M-D}} → 21-6-19
  • {{Date: YYYY-MM-DD}} → 2021-06-19
  • {{Date: YYYY-MMM-DD}} → 2021-Jun-19
  • {{Date: YYYY-MM-DD ddd}} → 2021-06-19 Sat
  • {{Date: YYYY-MM-DD dddd}} → 2021-06-19 Saturday
  • {{Date: YYYY-MM-DD dddd h:m:s}} → 2021-06-19 Saturday 7:9:5
  • {{Date: YYYY-MM-DD dddd hh:mm:ss}} → 2021-06-19 Saturday 07:09:05

Perfect, Thanks

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