{{date}} and {{title}} not working

I have the same issue as the below two posts, but I can’t see a resolution on either thread.

I’m entering {{date}} and {{title}} but it doesn’t format these as the title or date, it just returns {{date}} and {{title}} as they appear here.

I’ve tried deactivating all community plugins, but this didn’t make an effect. One of the threads mentions trying it on the Help vault, so i tried this and get the same result. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

where are you putting date and title? post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault.

It’s a bit difficult to post a recording. I’ve made a brand new note and tried it in the first line. I’ve also tried doing it in random pages of the help vault. Same response.

I don’t know what you are doing but it works fine for me.

Read this:

I had read this already. I just re-read to be sure. The section for adding a title is just this

" If you want to insert the title of a note, you can set it in a template with {{title}}."

There’s no other instructions or insights as to why this could be happening. I’m absolutely sure I’m typing {{title}} :sweat_smile:

Could you list step by step how you are proceeding?

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Hi! I’ll be glad if my note will be useful somehow.

I started to use Obsidian recently (and I’ve loved it!), and I had the similar case: {{date}} and {{time}} placeholders are working, but {{title}} - is not! I searched a lot for the decision, but found nothing to help.

After that I tried to do the same it the help vault. It worked! I compared my template files: in my templates I had a YAML section. I deleted it, and always become working in my vault. After that I returned back my YAML section, and tried to place {{title}} right after it. It worked.

And afrer that, it became working everywhere. I don’t know the mechanics of what happened, but this is my situation.